one hundred percent chance of sun


My pal Kate and I hiked a short and sweet trail up Cypress Mountain today.

The sun was at 100% with absolutely no clouds visible anywhere. Hard to believe, as the past week was rainy and classically Vancouver-dreary.

We passed a few people on the way up but found the Bowen Lookout just a little too crowded for our liking. So we looped around and sat on one of the ski-runs, soaking up the last warmth of the sun.

Over-all it was about 6km, no sweat! It felt soooo good to take in the smells of the cedar, the cry of the Stellar's Jay, and breathe that fresh mountain air.

On the drive down we noticed thick wild-fire smoke at the base of Mt. Baker in Washington. I hope that smoke isn't en route to Vancouver, though I suspect it most likely is.


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