Building an identity for a unique running stroller.

runo v5-2-10

Runo (Runoceros Inc.) is a running stroller company in the early stages of design and testing. The young company needed a fresh look that would establish their values, appeal to their audience, and function on a variety of deliverables, including the stroller itself. The logo treatment here is not the final choice of the client but is similar to the final concept.


runoceros sketches-04
runo v5-2-09
runoceros sketches-08
runoceros sketches-20
runoceros sketches-05
runoceros sketches-14

These explorations started out broad and vastly different. As time went on, the client was able to visualize how the logo would present on various materials and in different scenarios. The client and designer were also able to better hone-in on what values and emotions the branding should evoke. This sketching process led to a polished and well-thought-out brand identity.


The identity consists of three logo variations, brand colours and typefaces.


After research and sketching, a small focus-group sat down and discussed 10 sketches. The ones that resonated the most had a small bird on the rhinoceros' back. Through research, Julia discovered that rhinos have a close relationship with small birds, who seek safety on their backs. The symbolism of this relationship powerfully connects to the feelings the client wanted the logo and branding to emulate: safety, comfort, and ease. With the rhino in motion, we get a sense of playful strength.