“snowshoeing” to white queen summit

In my MEC days, I got to take home a pair of broken (but free) snowshoes. Only recently, I took them into a shop here in Nelson to get repaired. After picking them up this morning, Marcus and I planned to snowshoe up to White Queen, a peak near Whitewater Ski Resort.

We were out at the trailhead and I realized the repair hadn't been done properly and I wouldn't be able to secure the snowshoes to my feet, this was an obvious issue. But by chance, I had lazily left my "Yaktrax" traction devices in the car and it looked like the trail would be packed down enough that I could manage to get to the top.

We made our way up in the half-clouds half-sun and ran into Marcus's uncle Dave right as our trail was about to peel off from his (what are the chances?)! Once we were nearly at the top we realized the peak was totally covered in cloud. So we soaked in the view from where we were and headed back down.

The Yaktraxs were a life-saver and didn't fail to keep me gripped to the slippery snowpack (however if I decided to step off the trail I would sink straight down to my knees)!

This was the last day before the ski hill opens, so it was my last opportunity to get Marcus out snowshoeing before skiing completely takes priority.

It was a great hike (about 10km round trip) and I can't wait to do it again on a blue-bird day to get the full view.


7 thoughts on ““snowshoeing” to white queen summit”

  1. I feel like a proud mom for all my comments, but just here to say that I love the 4th & 5th pics so so much. Rosy-cheeked Pep out and ABOUT.

    1. Haha I bet you could spot my cheeks all the way from the coast! Thanks, B. Your proud mom comments put a smile on my rosy face <3 Miss you.

  2. Do Marcus’s relatives live in Nelson or was his uncle Dave on vacation there? Either way, the chances of crossing paths on the trail are billions to one! Great pictures, as we have come to expect, and spectacular scenery!

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