are we ever moving to nelson?

Marcus and I drove the 8 hours to Nelson, BC on Friday, October 9 to hunt for some housing. Our goal: find affordable housing and sign a lease for November 1.

We had a couple viewings lined up beforehand but the reality of Nelson’s housing crisis became even more apparent in person. People around town told us tales of their friends or family struggling to find housing for months and all the online housing platforms were flooded with desperate pleas for help.

The town of Nelson from Pulpit Rock hike across Kootenay Lake.
The town of Nelson from Pulpit Rock hike across Kootenay Lake.

We did squeeze in some fun while we were there. We did a hike with some Toronto Islanders who also recently moved to Nelson, had a pizza dinner with some other pals, and went to a nearby town, Castlegar, for some hot and sunny climbing.

We had one viewing with a woman who wanted to offer us her place, but  she ultimately couldn’t decide between us and another couple. So with our fates in her hands she pulled names and the odds were not in our favour.

We were defeated, as we had put all our eggs in that basket and our trip was coming to an end the next day. We planned to leave on Tuesday the 13th and had no other viewings lined up. But by some twist in the universe the weather on Tuesday was all rain in town and all snow on the mountain passes we had to drive through to get home. This meant we were grounded in Nelson for one more day, with nothing but our sour moods.


On Tuesday morning we received a message from a woman who saw our Facebook post and had a lead for us. We met with her elderly parents who had a cabin four miles from Nelson. The cabin was awesome but the viewing was interesting to say the least. We left feeling no better about ourselves.

We packed up the van early Wednesday morning, empty-handed and a bit shell shocked. The drive back to Vancouver was beautiful, with drastic differences from snow to desert and back to snow again.


These photos were taken 30 minutes apart.

A few days after returning home we heard back from the cabin owners. They wanted us to sign a lease! Our very last ditch effort had worked. Against all odds, we have a home in Nelson coming this November.

Marcus and I are ready for this next chapter. Though the prospect of a winter filled with skiing, small-town vibes, and a whole new way of life is awaiting us, but I can’t help feeling bitter-sweet about leaving my life in Vancouver. I’m going to miss my friends that I love with all my heart, an apartment I’ve lived in for five years, and this wacky city packed with memories. Despite these mixed emotions I know that I’ll get to visit my friends and they’ll visit me, Marcus and I will make a new cozy home for ourselves in an incredible mountain town, and Vancouver will always be waiting.


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Peter Newman
Peter Newman
1 year ago

Great pictures, as always, Julia! I have never been to Nelson but Susan has been several times, usually as a visiting artist, and loves the place. I’m so pleased you and Marcus finally managed to find a spot to rent after so many disappointments. I guess it was meant to be!!

1 year ago

I’m excited for a FaceTime tour of this cabin! So many good games of ‘quence will go down there. Congrats, Pepi and Mar Mar!