am i going backwards in time?

Hey friends and family 👋

I've just deleted my Instagram. I have been thinking about getting rid of the mind-numbingly addicting app for about a year. But my sentimental attachment to almost a decade of photo memories on the platform was holding me back from making the leap.

Two weeks ago I watched "The Social Dilemma". It's a Netflix documentary that has been getting a lot of buzz for it's criticisms of just how powerful social media companies are because they own SO MUCH DATA. After watching it I decided to take a two-week break from my Instagram and see how different life actually was without the app.

Throughout the weeks I felt myself being pulled back. I even received emails from Instagram saying "Hey, you've missed all this great content, click here and check it out." Kinda creepy.

I've tried cutting myself off from Instagram before, but I've always given in. I'll find myself scrolling mindlessly, comparing my life to the too-good-to-be-true lives of others, and reading celebrity gossip or news that I'm sure has travelled far from the truth before it reaches my tired eyes.

After the two weeks were up, I appreciated all the spare time I had to think, wonder, reflect, and feel the world around me in this new "disconnected' but way more connected way. Yes, I was finally ready to click the very scary "Delete permanently" button. And I did!

So here I am, writing a longer chunk of text than I have since my university days, and ready to document my adventures, news, and projects in a new-to-me way.

I know this blog will change and evolve as life goes on. And even if no one on planet earth gives a hoot about what I'm sharing, I know it'll be somewhere I can look back on and appreciate down the road. I often used to scroll down my Instagram feed and revel at my incredible friends, our wild adventures, and all of the experiences I chose to capture throughout the years. This blog will be my new place for all that stuff, and one that I have full control over.

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Keep in touch,


P.S. Dad, you can comment all your grammar corrections below 🙃

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Portraits from the summer: Adrian Dénommé

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Adrian Dénommé
Adrian Dénommé
1 year ago

Stoked that you took the leap/look forward to following along here! 🙂

Adrian Dénommé
Adrian Dénommé
1 year ago
Reply to  Julia Pepler

Just noticing this now! And of course!! I’m honoured .

Ps. Congrats on landing the nelson digs .

roger pepler
roger pepler
1 year ago

Hey, darling, it’s grammatically intact, and such a pleasure to read. The only thing I noticed was a couple of spelling irregularities. For instance, when you write “getting a lot of buzz for it’s criticisms”. It’s is a short form for “it is”. What you’re looking for is the possessive, “its”.

And (is this too boring?) when you write “in this new ‘disconnected’ but way more connected way”, your phrase “way more connected” is really like an adjective to “way”, similar to how your phrase ” new-to-me” used later is an adjective to “way”, so it should be written “new ‘disconnected’ but way-more-connected way.”

That having been said, I’d rather read your blog, spelling irregularities and all, than just about anything else I could put my hands on. Thanks for this.