hot springs all to ourselves

In celebration of our first two weeks in Nelson, Marcus and I drove a couple of hours outside of town to some natural hot springs.

We parked the car off the highway and marched 3 km uphill to some hot springs that have been built into a few different pools with rocks and cement.

I had only ever been to hot springs that run into plastic pools and fake caves, so rounding the corner and seeing steam rise from these pools amongst snowy trees was truly magical.

While these pools are normally filled with ravers and bathers by some miracle we had them all to ourselves.

We stripped down in the icy 1ºC air temperature and worked our way up to the hottest pool at the top of the hill. We spent a few hours snacking on chocolate, clementines, and grapes while soaking up the geothermal heat for the cold months to come.

On our way back to the car the sun was setting and we saw lots of elk tracks in the snow. We wished we had caught a glimpse of some in the forest, but then we were surprised to see about six elk in the middle of the road on the way home. Luckily we had lots of time to slow down and stop, but it was a great reminder to stay alert.

Hopefully we'll be back to these hot springs soon, and hopefully they'll be just as quiet and hot as they were this time around!


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1 year ago

What a magical day this must have been! So happy you shared it so eloquently with words and pics! Much love , Nan

Peter Newman
Peter Newman
1 year ago

Here in Toronto the weather is cold and wet. In a word, miserable! So your images of solitary basking in hot springs made us all very envious. You and Marcus seem to have fallen on your feet: — a cozy cabin on a beach by a lake and hot springs not far away in beautiful surroundings. What more could one ask for!