i found ellen in victoria!

Ellen, my friend of 13 years, has moved from England to Vancouver Island. Since we see each other on average once every two years we decided we had to meet up before I move an additional 8 hours east to Nelson.

We picked Victoria as our halfway point and booked a fancy hotel downtown.

Meeting up was surreal, as it always is. Despite our lives often running in different directions, Ellen and I always make a habit of meeting up. We’ve made our paths cross in Dublin, Edinburgh, Toronto, Vancouver, and now Victoria.

Our weekend was filled with thrift shopping, eating extravagant meals (because when do we get the chance to eat extravagant meals together!?) and catching up on our long hiatus apart.

I haven’t spent much time in Victoria at all, so it was a pleasure to see the city and spend hours walking, talking, and exploring.

This was a very special trip and I can’t wait to see where we meet up next…perhaps it’ll be Nelson!

A bald eagle on top of the world's tallest totem pole.
The infamous fan tan alley.

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1 year ago

There are not many things more special than a rendezvous with an old dear friend! Sounds like a great time!