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A month ago my pal Clayton and I bought a used sewing machine (Singer 247 Zig-Zag) from someone in Castlegar and since then I haven't been able to stop sewing.

My first project was simple; I made some desperately needed new face masks. This was a great way to learn the quirks of the new machine and get back into the sewing mindset.



My next project was to make a simple apron, something I've been thinking about buying for a while but knew I could make for myself pretty easily.

For this project, I bought a thick navy canvas and made some little pockets and an adjustable neck loop. It's been great for messy cooking and for when I don't feel like taking a trip to the water park (i.e. doing the dishes).

I had about a meter of canvas left over so I decided to make a tote/purse next.


Anyone who knows me knows I am a backpack person (I've got one for every occasion). However,  I've been craving a tote-style purse to have a more consistent place for my PKW (phone, keys, wallet) and this was a perfect opportunity to make one with all the features I wanted.

So I took instructions from a few different YouTube videos and put together this canvas tote. Here are a few of the exciting features:

  • simple inner pockets (that fit my PKW, spork, and a pen)
  • a long shoulder strap for hands-free carrying
  • a zipper closure (intimidating but turned out to be easy-peasy!)
  • bright coloured lining for finding things easily

To finish it off, I waxed the canvas with beeswax and love how that added more character and water repellency. I am BEYOND proud of this and have taken it everywhere since I made it.



So what's next? I'm feeling so inspired by the endless opportunities to craft high-quality clothing, bags, and more with my own two hands. And at the same time, I want to be cautious that I'm not sewing lots of stuff that I use once and cast aside quickly (I've done this plenty over the years).

My ultimate goal is to focus on making useful items that I have a deep need for and to spend the extra time making sure they are functional and fulfill that purpose.

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1 year ago

I’m so so impressed by that BAG!!!! The lighter lining is so smart. I feel like you’ll have it for years and years.

Peter and Susan
Peter and Susan
1 year ago

Susie and I are most impressed with your newly acquired sewing skills — and your design! The easily adjustable neck loop on your apron is genius and as B commented, the lighter lining in your lovely tote bag is so smart. The question we both have is — have you taken up knitting as well? That white sweater is gorgeous! And we think the fashion photographer deserves a credit.

1 year ago

I just love you so much! Love all of this!!